A downloadable hyper for Windows

All things considered i'm really happy with how this one turned out - I think it might be the most fun prototype yet! I had a really short week due to trips to the airport and an IGDA meet up so I wanted to do something really quick and simple.

The original idea was a gambling game. Horses were spawned and followed a fixed path at a random speed. I got that in and working fine, but before implementing the betting mechanic I had a bit of a break through when I started thinking about how RDR handles horse riding.

I decided to use the control from my mothership game (which I think felt quite nice) and apply it to the horses. The main idea is that it would be like Micro Machines but using the horse stamina mechanic.

Once I had that in, I created a second player and a stamina recharge similar to F-Zero. The last few weeks I haven't had any proper win states or screen transitions so i'm quite glad i managed to put a win screen in (even if it is pretty ghetto).

Install instructions

Download and install the .exe

Player 1: Blue Horse

  • W - Move Forward
  • S - Stop
  • A - Turn Left
  • D - Turn Right
  • Shift - HYPER BOOST!

Player 2: Red Horse

  • UP_Arrow - Move Forward
  • DOWN_Arrow - Stop
  • LEFT_Arrow - Turn Left
  • RIGHT_Arrow - Turn Right
  • Space - HYPER BOOST!

  • When you boost you lose stamina (shown by the green bar)
  • At stamina 0 your horse will stop for a short while to recharge
  • Ride over green stars to refill stamina
  • First to finish 3 Laps wins

ESC - Exit Game

R - Restart

NB: When you hit a wall head on it will bounce you 180.


week_009_hyperhorse.exe 2 MB