A downloadable game

I wanted to make a game where you're a necromancer, but there wasn't really anything interesting there short of a Diablo style combat game. Right now you can summon skeletons from the graves, control skeletons around and enthrall humans to hold them in place. Any humans touched by skeletons turn into skeletons. Spent most of the time just trying to get horde movement / collision working to a decent degree.

Ultimately I didn't really go into this week with a firm idea of how you "win" the game. This week was a bit of a bust tbh. Certainly wasn't helped by Evolve being released and having family arriving ready for Chinese New Year.

One For this project I started making all the common actions as separate scripts. Hopefully, i'll just be able to import them into new projects to save some time.

Install instructions

Install .exe

WSAD - move necromance

LMB - shoot spell (summon skeleton / enthrall human)

RMB - command horde


week_006_necrodude.exe 2 MB