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I wanted to make a Worms style game where players controlled little symbiotic creatures and had to take over NPC humans. Once they had taken over a human they would be able to fire organic weapons a bit like the Goo Gun in Unreal Tournament.

Getting the arcing shot and turn based stuff working took up a lot of my time, so what I have now is a turn based game where two players can float about and try and take each other out with bouncing shots.

Turns out there is a lot of maths involved in getting arcing shots and bouncing working well. This week I learned a couple of things.

1) You need a certain quality level to really test if mechanics work. I had a super hacky implementation of bouncing but if 50% of the time it clips through the wall it's hard to tell if it works or not. A large part of this is just my skill with Game Maker but I definitely feel like it's taking me less time to implement the features I want.

2) NEW RULE: If I have it in and working to a decent standard I can't touch it. I had two individual player objects and a working turn system. I wanted to set up a player parent object and ended up breaking everything. I wasted a day just getting back to where I was previously.

Overall i'm quite happy with this one. I actually did a bit of two player play testing and it's the first game-a-week prototype where I thought "yeah, there could be something fun here".

Install instructions

Install the .exe

  • Players take it in turns to move around the level and shoot at each other.
  • Red Crab goes first.
  • Moving and shooting uses up action points. You start with a hundred.
  • Getting hit causes crabs to bounce about and lose 1 HP. You start with 5 HP

Left and Right Arrow - Move left and Right

Up Arrow - Float up

LMB - Shoot bounce shot

Mouse - Aim

R - restart

Esc - Quit


There's a bunch of other numbers. Just ignore them, they're debug stuff. Also there is no Win / Lose screen.


week_005_CRABZ.exe 2 MB