A downloadable game for Windows

Not really much to show this week. At the beginning of the week I thought I would try and make a Nidhogg style game. On paper it seems super simple but this game a week challenge makes you realize how much work goes into even the simplest concepts.

So instead of doing it in a really hacky way (having an two separate objects for player specific swords) I wanted to make the sword a generic object that the players spawn. I got player movement and sword stances working ok but could just not get players to die when they came into contact with an instance of a sword other than their own.

I think I had every other possible combination of outcomes but just ran out of time in the end. It feels like I've hit a bit of a plateau / wall with game maker. It's getting to the stage where I need to invest some time doing some tutorials to get to grips with the more advanced functions. On the plus side I feel like I've got the hang of creating instances of objects and assigning them the ID's of their owners.

Install instructions

Download the .exe

player 1

  • A + D - move left + right
  • W - raise sword
  • S - lower sword

player 2

  • J + L - move left + right
  • I - raise sword
  • K - lower sword
NB - there is no limit on sword height changes atm. There was but I realised late on that I was assigning the height as the absolute room value as opposed to the players height so I changed it.


week_11_duel.exe 2 MB