A downloadable game for Windows

I planned to have a week off this week but it got to Saturday and I was feeling a bit guilty for not having done something. Last weeks project showed that if its a really simple idea, it doesn't necessarily need an huge amount of time to get a prototype up and running.

For some reason I had the idea of toy trains in my head so decided to make a digital version of a toy train kit. It's not really a game, you just pootle around. It was really fun and leisurely to make. I think there's something there, but i'm sure there are already a billion digital train sets!

It's very simplistic but there is a lot of room for expansion and making more game-y. Right now you can pick up passengers at the station and alter the train speed. The passenger pick up is very rudimentary because I could see that if I started it would grow into quite bit task (multiple stations, tracking passenger numbers, boarding / alighting passengers, respawning passengers etc) so I left it as is.

Nice simple one this week :D

Install instructions

Install the .exe

Mouse Wheel UP - increase train speed

Mouse Wheel DOWN - decrease train speed

You can pick up passengers at the station if you slow down.

The reverse gear is broken!


week_010_train.exe 2 MB