A downloadable game for Windows

I read somewhere that the first game you should make is pong. I think after about 2 hours I had a finished version of pong and just started messing about with different elements. I ended up with something that is a bit like the soccer minigame in Rayman.

I'm using the out of the box game maker physics and didn't really tweak them that much so the squid behaves somewhat erratically. As far as my first prototype went it was very useful in getting me out of a bunch of bad game dev habits and highlighted where I fall short as a solo developer. I burned a day trying to make serviceable art but it was no use, hence the sprites ripped from zelda 2.

Install instructions

Just install the exe.

Q to restart the game

W, A, D for left player

UP, LEFT, RIGHT arrows for right player


week1_sqong_installer.exe 2 MB